Stephen Foster Fine Arts is a consultancy and well established advisory which has served the interests of private collectors, investors, art investment funds, and art institutions for the past twenty years. Our primary objective is to represent clients, nationally and internationally, in matters involving the sale or acquisition of works, the composition of coherent collections, and the preparation of investment portfolios.

We recommend that collectors and investors consider, as their best and safest opportunities, the purchase of works that participated in major historical moments considered key to defining what is most relevant to developments in the arts of the twentieth century. It is this work, regardless of its successive redefinitions, that will always be undeniable, and it is this work from which all other related work from the period takes its measure.

The firm's principals combine long experience in brokering, curatorial work and art historical research and have been responsible for facilitating the sale and acquisition of major work to collectors, investors, and art investment funds both in the Americas and abroad.

Our relationships to our clients are ones of consultant and representative, and it is to our clients that we are directly responsible and accountable. Every effort is made to enforce the integrity of business procedures, to guarantee and control the safety of the work, and to insure the confidentiality of the client.

Critical Perspectives

Art historiography and historical criticism: collecting and investing

Analytics and the predication of markets

The crisis of art investment and the crisis of the art invested

Collectors as investors in the concept of art

Investment, the sociology of taste and the nature and source of value

Growth inequities in the concepts of art, value, and cultural instrumentality

Value and the marketplace where value grows faster than anything that sustains it

Connoisseurship and sensibility: relativism and the question of quality

The crisis of evidence and the nature of proof: the perils of authentication

The establishment's fortification of art and obsolescence

The irony of Institutional Theory: embrace and denial in the marketplace

The art institution: a declension

The business of authority, quality, and the tenuous role of expertise

The cultural scripting of art and value: cultural materialism and the driving of the market

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